Named Entity Recognition without Labelled Data:
    A Weak Supervision Approach
    Pierre Lison, Aliaksandr Hubin, Jeremy Barnes, Samia Touileb.
    ACL 2020.
    [preprint | code]
    A Fine-Grained Sentiment Dataset for Norwegian .
    Lilja Øvrelid, Petter Mæhlum, Jeremy Barnes, Erik Velldal.
    LREC 2020.
    [preprint | code]
    Cross-lingual Emotion Intensity Prediction .
    Irean Navas Alejo, Toni Badia, Jeremy Barnes.
    Under submission.
    [preprint | code]


    Embedding Projection for Targeted Cross-Lingual Sentiment:
    Model Comparisons and a Real-World Study
    Jeremy Barnes and Roman Klinger.
    Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research.
    [article | code]
    Improving Sentiment Analysis with Multi-task Learning of Negation.
    Jeremy Barnes, Erik Velldal, and Lilja Øvrelid.
    Submitted to the Journal of Natural Language Engineering.
    [preprint | code]
    Sentiment analysis is not solved! Assessing and probing sentiment classifiers.
    Jeremy Barnes, Lilja Øvrelid, and Erik Velldal.
    BlackboxNLP 2019.
    [article | bib | code | poster]
    On the Effect of Word Order on Cross-lingual Sentiment Analysis.
    Àlex R. Atrio, Toni Badia, and Jeremy Barnes.
    Best Paper Award SEPLN 2019.
    [article | code | bib]
    Annotating evaluative sentences in Norwegian.
    Petter Mæhlum, Jeremy Claude Barnes, Lilja Øvrelid and Erik Velldal.
    Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa 2019).
    [article | dataset/code | bib]
    Lexicon information in neural sentiment analysis:
    a multi-task learning approach.
    Jeremy Claude Barnes, Samia Touileb, Lilja Øvrelid and Erik Velldal.
    Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics (NoDaLiDa 2019).
    [article | code | bib]
    LTG-Oslo Hierarchical Multi-task Network:
    The importance of negation for document-level sentiment in Spanish
    Jeremy Barnes.
    Neges Workshop 2019 at SEPLN.
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    Neural and Linear Pipeline Approaches to Cross-lingual Morphological Analysis.
    Çağrı Çöltekin and Jeremy Barnes.
    Vardial 2019.
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    Cross-lingual Sentiment Analysis for Under-resourced Languages: PhD Thesis.
    Jeremy Barnes
    Advisors: Patrik Lambert, and Toni Badia.


    Bilingual Sentiment Embeddings: Joint Projection of Sentiment Across Languages.
    Jeremy Barnes, Roman Klinger, and Sabine Schulte im Walde.
    ACL 2018.
    [article | bib | code | poster]
    Projecting Embeddings for Domain Adaptation: Joint Modeling of Sentiment Analysis in Diverse Domains.
    Jeremy Barnes, Roman Klinger, and Sabine Schulte im Walde.
    COLING 2018.
    [article | bib | code | poster]
    MultiBooked: A Corpus of Basque and Catalan Hotel Reviews Annotated for Aspect-level Sentiment Classification.
    Jeremy Barnes, Patrik Lambert, and Toni Badia.
    LREC 2018.
    [article | bib | data | poster]


    Assessing State-of-the-art Sentiment Models on State-of-the-art Sentiment Datasets.
    Barnes, Jeremy, Roman Klinger, and Sabine Schulte im Walde.
    WASSA 2017.
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    Annotation, modelling and analysis of fine-grained emotions on a stance and sentiment detection corpus.
    Schuff, Hendrik, Jeremy Barnes, Julian Mohme, Sebastian Padó, and Roman Klinger.
    WASSA 2017.
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    Exploring Distributional Representations and Machine Translation for Aspect-based Cross-lingual Sentiment Classification.
    Barnes, Jeremy, Patrik Lambert, and Toni Badia.
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